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Karin PIGMENT DecoBrush Violet-Blue Colours Collection - 12 pc Set

Karin PIGMENT DecoBrush Violet-Blue Colours Collection - 12 pc Set


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Dive into the Depth of Imagination with the Karin PIGMENT DecoBrush Violet-Blue Colours Collection

Unlock a world of deep blues and mesmerizing violets with the Karin PIGMENT DecoBrush Violet-Blue Colours Collection, a set curated for creators who seek to explore the depth and fluidity of the cooler spectrum. Delve into what makes this collection a deep sea of inspiration:

Your Palette of Depths

Navigate a world of endless inspiration with a rich palette that resonates with the depth and tranquility of the sea. This set offers the following entrancing colours to elevate your artistic endeavors:

  • Cool Aqua (630U)
  • Duck Egg (2975U)
  • Aegean (2915U)
  • Light Azure (2925U)
  • Azure (300U)
  • Egyptian Blue (285U)
  • Royal Blue (2728U)
  • Indigo Blue (072U)
  • Sapphire Blue (294U)
  • Plum (2587U)
  • Violet Blue (2735U)
  • Lilac (259U)

Unleashing Waves of Creativity with Precision

Designed with a nylon brush tip, every marker promises fluidity and precision, effortlessly adapting to your style, whether it’s detailed illustrations or broad strokes invoking the depths of the ocean.

Pigments that Resonate with Depth

The markers hold 2.4 ml of pigment-based acrylic paints, empowering you with hues that resonate with depth and richness, allowing for 100% paint consumption through innovative liquid ink technology.

Dive into Multi-Surface Creativity

These markers rise to the occasion on a diverse array of surfaces including paper, metal, glass, plastic, wood, and textiles, offering a deep sea of possibilities for creators to explore, even allowing for compelling creations on dark surfaces.

A Canvas of Cool-Toned Creations

This set opens doors to a plethora of art projects ranging from design, illustration, hand lettering, and even allowing for explorations in watercolour effects, offering the perfect palette for creators leaning towards cool-toned expressions.

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