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Karin PIGMENT DecoBrush Passion Colours Collection - 12 pc Set

Karin PIGMENT DecoBrush Passion Colours Collection - 12 pc Set


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Unleash Your Passion with the Karin PIGMENT DecoBrush Passion Colours Collection

Embrace the full spectrum of fervent hues with the Karin DecoBrush Passion Colours Collection, a treasure trove for artists eager to paint with their hearts on the canvas. Learn what makes this collection an unmatched ally in the journey of creation:

Your Palette of Passion

Navigate the colourful paths of creativity with a palette that speaks to the heart. This set includes the following vibrant hues to enliven your masterpieces:

  • Sulphur Yellow (3965U)
  • Orange Red (172U)
  • Poppy (199U)
  • Red Lilac (2405U)
  • Pale Violet (265U)
  • Rose Pink (183U)
  • Antique Pink (212U)
  • Cerise (211U)
  • Fire Red (1788U)
  • Magenta Red (213U)
  • Lipstick Red (1797U)
  • Burgundy (215U)

A Brush Tip Designed for Mastery

Crafted with a Japanese nylon tip, this collection guarantees precision and versatility in every stroke, providing a seamless bridge between fine lines and bold sweeps, adapting beautifully to every artistic whim.

A Symphony of Pigments

Experience the rich texture and vibrancy offered by 2.4 ml of non-toxic, acrylic, opaque paints in each marker, leveraged by liquid ink technology to ensure optimal utilization down to the last drop.

Boundless Creativity Across Surfaces

Experiment on a diverse range of surfaces, including paper, metal, glass, plastic, wood, and textiles. The passion collection promises striking results even on dark canvases, opening a realm of possibilities for your artistic endeavors.

Ideal for a Spectrum of Artistic Projects

Whether it’s designing, illustrating, or venturing into passionate watercolour effects, these markers stand as an essential companion in your journey of artistic expression, adding a heartbeat to every creation.

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