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Karin PIGMENT DecoBrush Nature Colours Collection - 12 pc Set

Karin PIGMENT DecoBrush Nature Colours Collection - 12 pc Set


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Transform Your Art with the Karin PIGMENT DecoBrush Nature Colours Collection

Artists, prepare to be captivated by the rich and vibrant tones of the Karin PIGMENT DecoBrush Nature Colours Collection. This set invites you to reconnect with the beauty of the natural world through your creations. Let’s delve deeper to see what makes this set a must-have:

Your Nature-Inspired Palette

Immerse yourself in a nature-inspired palette that brings together the following rich and vibrant shades, designed to infuse your artworks with the essence of the great outdoors:

  • Lime Green (397U)
  • Apple (382U)
  • Leaf Green (376U)
  • Ocean Teal (350U)
  • Lush Green (3285U)
  • Gold (109U)
  • Peach (1575U)
  • Amber (1505U)
  • Mango (1645U)
  • Cinnamon (730U)
  • Copper Brown (1675U)
  • Cocoa (1817U)

Nylon Tip for Graceful Execution

Work gracefully across any medium with the brush-shaped nylon tip, designed to deliver both finesse and bold strokes with equal mastery, facilitating a seamless blend between the artist and the canvas.

Liquid Ink Technology: Your Canvas for Dynamic Creations

Harness the potential of revolutionary liquid ink technology that houses non-toxic and opaque pigments in a user-friendly marker, ensuring a consistent flow of vibrant colour throughout your artistic process.

Non-Toxic and Multi-Surface Compatible

Safety meets versatility in this collection, offering non-toxic paints that gracefully adorn a wide array of surfaces, including metal, glass, wood, and textiles, paving the way for limitless creativity.

For Every Art Aficionado

Whether venturing into the realms of design, illustration, or hand lettering, or experimenting with the captivating effects of nature-inspired hues in your artwork, this collection is crafted for every art enthusiast with a penchant for the natural world.


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