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Karin PIGMENT DecoBrush Grey Colours Collection - 12 pc Set

Karin PIGMENT DecoBrush Grey Colours Collection - 12 pc Set


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    Elevate Your Craft with Karin PIGMENT DecoBrush Grey Colours Collection

    Meet your new favourite palette, designed to bring depth and versatility to your artistic endeavors. The Karin PIGMENT DecoBrush Grey Colours Collection is here to revolutionize your artwork. Here’s why:

    Your Grey and Earthy Palette

    Dive deep into a sophisticated palette that brings together the following serene and earthy hues, offering an expansive range of creative opportunities:

    • Neutral Gray 1 (441U)
    • Neutral Gray 2 (442U)
    • Neutral Grey 3 (443U)
    • Warm Grey 1 (434U)
    • Warm Grey 2 (435U)
    • Warm Grey 3 (436U)
    • Cool Grey 1 (427U)
    • Cool Grey 2 (428U)
    • Cool Grey 3 (429U)
    • Curry (3985U)
    • Olive Green (371U)
    • Olive Black (343U)

    The Precision of Nylon Tip

    A perfect fusion of convenience and functionality, the nylon tip of your DecoBrush moves as fluidly as your imagination, allowing for both precise details and bold strokes in your artwork.

    Liquid Ink Technology: Your Portal to Consistent Vibrancy

    Utilize the groundbreaking liquid ink technology that guarantees a consistent flow of rich, opaque, and matte pigments right to the end, all housed in a user-friendly marker equipped with 2.4 ml of non-toxic, organic paint.

    Safe and Versatile Palette

    With this set in your toolkit, your artistry knows no bounds; craft safely on a diverse range of surfaces including paper, wood, textile, and even dark surfaces, bringing unprecedented techniques and visuals to life with vibrant, non-toxic pigments.

    For Every Modern Creator

    From sketching to design,illustration and lettering, this set offers a rich palette for creators eager to bring depth, serenity, and an earthy touch to their work, making the DecoBrush Grey Colours Collection an essential for every modern artist.


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