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Karin Brushmarker PRO - Sun and Tree Colours - 12 Colours

Karin Brushmarker PRO - Sun and Tree Colours - 12 Colours


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Breathe Life into Your Creations with Karin Brushmarker PRO - Sun and Tree Colours

Are you ready to bring the vivid hues of sun-soaked landscapes and deep forest greens to your brush markers artistry? Look no further than the Karin Brushmarker PRO Sun and Tree Colours set. This set is a haven of inspiration for every artist. Here’s why:

Your Sun and Tree Palette

Dive deep into the palette inspired by the radiant sun and the nurturing trees, bringing together a collection of colours that promise to bring warmth and richness to your hand lettering and artistic expressions:

  • Canary (166)
  • Gold (283)
  • Amber (195)
  • Lush Green (228)
  • Ocean Teal (377)
  • Grass (253)
  • Apple (210)
  • Curry (297)
  • Lime Green (071)
  • Copper Brown (282)
  • Cinnamon (199)
  • Cocoa (213)

Japanese Nylon Tip: The Artist’s Choice for Precision

Experience the versatility and precision of the Japanese nylon tip, allowing you to create fine details in your hand lettering projects and vibrant brush strokes in your artwork with grace and ease.

Liquid Ink Technology: Your Path to Vibrant Art

Benefit from the innovative liquid ink technology that houses 2.4 ml of paint in each water-based pen, fostering vibrant and consistent colours ideal for stunning watercolour effects, ensuring your artwork maintains a fresh vibrancy till the last drop.

Safety Meets Vibrancy

Relish in the peace of mind that comes with non-toxic, dye-based colours, as you explore the vibrant hues safely and vividly, bringing the sun and tree-inspired palette to life in your creations.

A Palette for Every Nature Enthusiast

Whether embarking on a new artistic journey or mastering hand lettering as a pro, this set serves to express the intricate beauty of nature, beckoning creators to narrate vivid stories through a rich palette of sun and tree colours.

canary 166 gold 283 amber 195 lush green 228 ocean teal 377 grass 253 apple 210 curry 297 lime green 071 copper brown 282 cinnamon 199

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