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Karin Brushmarker PRO - Sky Colours - 12 Colours

Karin Brushmarker PRO - Sky Colours - 12 Colours


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Sky's the Limit with Karin Brushmarker PRO - Sky Colours

Are you inspired by the boundless sky and its ever-changing hues? With the Karin Brushmarker PRO Sky Colours set, you can bring the majestic sky into your art space. Here’s what makes this set a palette of dreams:

Your Sky Palette

Experience the sky in its full glory with this exquisite range of sky colours. The set features these breath-taking shades that evoke the beauty of the sky at various moments:

  • Lilac (226)
  • Plum (197)
  • Violet Blue (688)
  • Indigo Blue (169)
  • Sapphire Blue (189)
  • Royal Blue (045)
  • Egyptian Blue (305)
  • Cyan (207)
  • Sky Blue (621)
  • Arctic Blue (264)
  • Turquoise (654)
  • Cool Aqua (204)

Japanese Nylon Tip for Detailed Art

Achieve strokes of genius with the ultra-durable and flexible Japanese nylon tip, which gives you precision in every detail, bringing the sky's grandeur to your canvas.

Innovative Liquid Ink Technology

Make the most of the liquid ink technology that ensures vibrant colours down to the last drop, allowing you to paint skies that are as vivid and dynamic as the real thing.

Safe and Vivid Palette

Create with peace of mind, knowing that the set contains non-toxic, dye-based colours, encouraging you to explore a vibrant sky palette safely.

For Every Sky Enthusiast

Whether you're a beginner finding your style or a pro crafting masterpieces, this set opens up a new dimension in sky art, offering a wonderful playground for all.

Blending: Your Tool for Sky Magic

Recreate the sky's mesmerizing transitions and blends with ease, bringing a touch of magic to your artworks with shades that can be mixed and blended beautifully

lilac 226 plum 197 violet blue 688 indigo blue 169 sapphire blue 189 royal blue 045 egiptian blue 305 cyan 207 sky blue 621 arctic blue 264 turquise 654 Cool Aqua 204
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