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Karin Brushmarker PRO - Skin Colours - 12 Colours

Karin Brushmarker PRO - Skin Colours - 12 Colours


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Bring Life to Your Portraits with Karin Brushmarker PRO - Skin Colours

Master the art of creating stunning and realistic portraits? The Karin Brushmarker PRO - Skin Colours set is here to be your trusted partner. Here's what makes this set a must-have in your art collection:

A Palette to Match Every Skin Tone

Embrace a world of diversity with colours that bring out the true hues in every individual. The collection encompasses these refined shades perfect for skin tones:

  • Almond (216)
  • Blush (172)
  • Pale Orange (357)
  • Soft Peach 1 (200)
  • Soft Peach 2 (201)
  • Pale Pink (220)
  • Ochre (552)
  • Rose Wood (272)
  • Sandstone (174)
  • Praline (385)
  • Henna (105)
  • Sepia (074)

Precision with the Japanese Nylon Tip

Whether sketching fine lines or filling larger areas, the Japanese nylon tip offers versatility and precision, helping you craft detailed and realistic portraits.

Revolutionary Liquid Ink Technology

Thanks to the liquid ink technology, these markers offer vibrant and consistent colour till the last drop, ensuring your portraits showcase depth and liveliness with every stroke.

Safe and Vibrant Colours

Engage in your artistic endeavor with peace of mind knowing that these markers contain non-toxic, vibrant, dye-based colours, prioritizing both safety and vibrancy.

Ideal for Every Artistic Soul

From beginners to seasoned artists, this set caters to everyone, offering a perfect platform to hone your portrait skills and explore the fascinating world of skin tones.

Blend and Experiment

Unleash your creativity by blending different shades to capture the unique and beautiful variations in skin tones, adding a realistic touch to your artistic creations.

almond 216 blush 172 pale orange357 Soft peach 1. 200 Soft peach 2. 201 pale pink 220 ochre 552 rose wood 272 sandstone 174 praline 385 henna 105 Sepia 074
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