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Karin Brushmarker PRO - Neon Colours - 12 Colours

Karin Brushmarker PRO - Neon Colours - 12 Colours


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Illuminate Your Art with Karin Brushmarker PRO - Neon Colours - 12 Colours

Hello, South African creators! Unveil a spectrum of luminous possibilities with the Karin Brushmarker PRO Neon Colours set. Designed for artists who love to work with bright, glowing shades, this set serves as a beacon of inspiration, offering a vibrant playground for your artistic endeavors. Here's why this set is an illuminating choice for your artwork:

Your Palette of Neon Brilliance

Light up your artwork with a palette that offers an electric range of neon hues, perfect for adding vibrant highlights or creating standout pieces:

  • Neon Orange (6120)
  • Neon Light Green (6110)
  • Neon Pink (6140)
  • Neon Yellow (6102)
  • Neon Blue (6152)
  • Neon Violet (6172)
  • Neon Yellow-Green (0210)
  • Neon Canary (0220)
  • Neon Green (6110)
  • Neon Red-Lilac (4072)
  • Neon Violet Blue (5272)
  • Neon Orange-Red

Japanese Nylon Tip: Precision Meets Flexibility

Whether it's crafting intricate details or laying down vibrant swathes of colour, the Japanese nylon tip moves effortlessly across your paper, offering you the utmost precision and flexibility in your work.

Pigment-Based Ink for Unmatched Vibrancy

Delight in the brilliance of pigment-based ink technology, with each marker holding 2.4 ml of ink, assuring that your creations stand out with unmatched vibrancy from start to finish.

Safe and Vibrant: A Promise Delivered

Engage with a range of markers that are as safe as they are vibrant. Crafted with non-toxic materials, they promise a luminous yet safe palette for artists of all levels to explore.

A Vibrant Playground for Every Creator

Suitable for a wide array of artistic projects, from mesmerizing drawings to subtle hand lettering, and achieving watercolor effects, this set is your gateway to expanding your creative horizons. Beckoning creators to bring a splash of neon into their art, it offers a vibrant playground for every artist, budding or seasoned.

NEON yellow 6102 NEON canary 0220 NEON orange 6120 NEON yellow green 0210 NEON light green 6110 NEON green 6111 NEON pink 6140 NEON orange red NEON Red lilac 4072 NEON blue 6152 NEON violet 6172

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