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Karin Brushmarker PRO - Grey Colours - 12 Colours

Karin Brushmarker PRO - Grey Colours - 12 Colours


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Craft Masterpieces with Karin Brushmarker PRO - Grey Colours

Are you ready to add depth, shadow, and detail to your artwork? The Karin Brushmarker PRO Grey Colours set is here to be your right hand in crafting intricate and nuanced pieces. Here’s why this set should find a home in your artist toolkit:

A Palette of Greys for Depth and Detail

Discover the versatility of greys, each designed to add a distinct layer of depth and perspective to your creations. The set harbours these cool and warm grey tones:

  • Cool Grey 1 (160)
  • Cool Grey 2 (159)
  • Cool Grey 3 (158)
  • Warm Grey 1 (278)
  • Warm Grey 2 (277)
  • Warm Grey 3 (276)
  • Neutral Grey 1 (133)
  • Neutral Grey 2 (132)
  • Neutral Grey 3 (131)
  • Olive Green (281)
  • Olive Black (447)
  • Black (030)

Japanese Nylon Tip: Your Tool for Precision

Equipped with a durable and flexible Japanese nylon tip, these markers allow you to work on the finest details with precision and ease.

Revolutionary Liquid Ink Technology

With 2.4ml of paint in each marker that ensures consistent colour till the last drop, watch your artwork gain life with vivid and vibrant strokes, thanks to the groundbreaking liquid ink technology.

Safe and Dynamic Creations

Venture into a world of art without any worries as these markers come with non-toxic ink, promising you a safe and vibrant creative journey.

For Artists at Every Level

Whether you are a budding artist or a veteran, this set is designed to meet all your artistic demands, providing a platform to elevate your work to masterpieces.

Blend and Create Your Masterpiece

Invite a spectrum of possibilities as you blend these greys to obtain unique shades and tones, creating works rich with depth and detail.

cool grey1. 160 cool grey2. 159 cool grey3. 158 warm grey 1. 278 warm grey 2. 277 warm grey 3. 276 neutral grey 1. 133 neutral grey 2. 132 neutral grey 3. 131 olive green 281 olive black 447 black 030
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