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Karin Brushmarker PRO - 12 Basic Colours

Karin Brushmarker PRO - 12 Basic Colours


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Discover Creativity with Karin Brushmarker PRO - 12 Basic Colors

Ready to add a splash of colour to your creative projects? The Karin Brushmarker PRO set is here to cater to both beginners and experienced creators, offering a rich palette to get those creative juices flowing. Here’s why this set should be your next pick:

A Diverse Palette to Kickstart Your Creations

Meet your next essential tool in the world of art and creativity, featuring these vibrant colours, each bringing a unique touch to your projects:

  • Canary (166)
  • Gold (283)
  • Amber (195)
  • Red (209)
  • Cerise (375)
  • Lilac (226)
  • Royal Blue (045)
  • Turquoise (654)
  • Ocean Teal (377)
  • Grass (253)
  • Henna (105)
  • Black (030)

Precision is Key with the Japanese Nylon Tip

Achieve clean lines and detailed strokes effortlessly thanks to the highly flexible and durable Japanese nylon tip, ensuring precision in every piece of art you create.

Consistent Vibrancy with Liquid Ink Technology

With the revolutionary "liquid ink" technology, enjoy a consistent flow of vivid colours down to the last drop, enhancing your creative process and bringing your visions to life with vibrant hues.

Safe and Intensely Rich Colors

Work with ease knowing that these markers are formulated with non-toxic, dye-based inks, offering a safe environment while not compromising on the intensity and vibrancy of each colour.

Designed for Artists at Every Level

Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned artist, this set is crafted to foster your creativity. Great for drawing, illustration, and lettering, it is a versatile addition to your art supplies, encouraging you to explore and express freely.

Your Palette, Your Rules

The unique properties of the liquid ink allow for wonderful opportunities to mix and blend colours, encouraging you to experiment and create your own shades for a richer, more personalized artistic expression.

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