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Cernit - Soft Mix - 56g

Cernit - Soft Mix - 56g


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If your Cernit clay needs to be softened, Soft Mix is the perfect solution! Cernit Soft Mix does not alter the colour but creates the perfect consistency of clay to work with.

If you notice that some of your Cernit polymer clay has lost its flexibility due to, for example, poor storage, you can use Cernit Soft Mix without fear of discolouring the colour.

Use a ratio of 2/3 of Cernit Polymer Clay to 1/3 of Cernit Soft Mix.

If necessary, use the pasta machine to mix faster and more efficiently. Once it is well mixed and your clay is uniform, you can work normally. The colour does not change. All ranges, including the Doll, can be softened using Soft Mix

The baking method does not change if you use Cernit Soft Mix

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