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Aleene's Paper Glaze - 2fl.oz

Aleene's Paper Glaze - 2fl.oz


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Aleene's Paper Glaze is perfect for creating glossy embossed effects on your paper projects! This clear, dimensional adhesive comes with a needlenose tip for creating detailed designs, dots and line work, but can also be brushed on to create shiny laminating effects. Dries with a hard, non-tacky glass-like finish and can be tinted to make designs pop with personality!

  • Add a glass-like, clear, dimensional layer to paper crafts.
  • Tint with acrylic paint or use alone to accentuate design details.
  • Does not run colours.
  • Can be accented with a variety of embellishments including microbeads, glitter and trims.
  • Apply with a convenient needle nose tip for precise and small designs or use a brush for larger designs.
  • Dries to a hard, non-tacky finish.
  • Non-yellowing, non-toxic and acid-free.
  • 2 fl.oz or 59ml
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This Glue Works Best On

Aleene's Paper Glaze works best on the following substrates:
  • Paper
  • Cardstock
  • Posterboard


  1. Squeeze or brush Aleene's Paper Glaze on desired paper surface.
  2. Sprinkle beads and glitters over designs while wet. Let dry.
  3. For more dimensional effects, reapply Aleene's Paper Glaze.
  4. Remove with a damp cloth while wet.

Dry time will depend on how much glue was used and the temperature and humidity level in your area. A general dry time estimate for this glue is 9-12 minutes based on testing with a 3-millimeter coating at 21-22 degrees Celsius. Thicker applications will dry at a slower rate.