e6000 Jewelry & Bead - FAQs


What types of jewellery and beads will E6000 Jewelry & Bead work on?
Jewelry & Bead will permanently attach most any type of stone, gem, crystal or bead to findings and base metal, silver, copper and gold jewellery pieces. It also permanently bonds objects to polymer clay, metals, wood, resin jewellery, leather, and much more.

What temperature range does E6000 Jewelry & Bead withstand?
Fully cured adhesive can withstand temperatures from -40 to 82 ºC intermittently.

Will E6000® Jewelry & Bead crack or break under stress?
No, Jewelry & Bead dries to a rubber-like consistency that is flexible and won’t crack or break under stress.

How long does E6000 Jewelry & Bead take to cure?
Jewelry & Bead starts getting tacky in approximately 2 minutes and begins setting in approximately 10 minutes. A full cure takes between 24 and 72 hours.

Remember, temperature and humidity will affect cure time.

What is used to clean up uncured E6000 Jewelry & Bead?
Small amounts of acetone or citrus-based solvents for uncured Jewelry & Bead.